Aspendos Antique Theater

Part of the structure of the theater, which is in a semi-circular shape and stone-paved, is still intact. Aspendos Theater, which attracts many people with its impressive story, is one of the historical buildings appealing to the eye with its architecture. In addition to being a touristic point of value for Antalya, it has a very convenient structure for concerts and crowded events. This theater, which is famous for its acoustic orchestra, is one of the buildings of the Roman theater. The Aspendos Theater is home to many artists' performances, with the ability to convey even the smallest sound to the top of the orchestra. As one of the buildings in our country and belonging to the old periods, it is one of the places that everyone should go and see.

Aspendos Theater's Construction Story The construction of the Aspendos Ancient City Theater is quite effective. It has a history that influences every tourist who visits the locals. The king of Aspendos wants to marry the person who has the most useful work for her daughter who comes to the age of marriage. In order to make an easy decision on this issue, the public is announced to be married to the girl who does the most useful work for the nation. Upon this announcement, the beneficial works of two people are presented to the king. One of the useful jobs is the aqueducts from the distant lands and the other is the Aspendos Theater. The characteristic of this theater is that it is the acoustic orchestra that best transmits the sound to the farthest. The king wants to give his daughter who brings the aqueduct, but his daughter insists on seeing his theater again. When he arrives at the theater, the father enjoys Zenon mumbling in the orchestra and gives his daughter to the founder of the Aspendos orchestra.