Tourism in Bodrum

HISTORY OF BODRUM Bodrum, where many of the rulers in the history to have the appetite, craving for the seizure, now many people come to mind in summer when the first place. So, Bodrum how the basement has come to see how it has come. Formerly known as Halikarnas was founded by Bodrum Dores. After them, he was home to the Karians and the people of Ionian. The state of Halicarnassus began to attract the attention of the emperors, because of its position with its nature. From the Persians to Alexander the Great, from the King of Egypt to the Romans, from the Byzantine Empire to the Ottomans, all the civilizations contained. In the end, the name of Bodrum in the Republic period.

Bodrum is not only the home of civilizations but also important people; Herodotus, the father of history, was born here. But because of his political ideas, Herodot was driven out of Halicarnassus by Lygdamis and settled in the Island of Samos. This exile marked the beginning of the travels that would enable him to write a book. He took his first step towards becoming the father of history by writing tarih The History of Herodotus íin Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Russia and Africa.