Ephesus Antique City Theater

Hellenistic and Roman times, the most magnificent period of the city's population of over 200 thousand people. Most of the remains we see today are from the Roman period. In the 7th century AD, when Ephesus was filled with mud in the Byzantine period, the Ephesians moved to the Ayasuluk Hill, where the first finds of the city were found. Things to Do in Ephesus Two of the most valuable places in the list of places to visit in Izmir are entering the ancient city of Ephesus. Check in at the upper door of Ephesus, and start exploring the majestic heritage of the ancient city. You need to take at least 3 hours to visit the city.

Harbor Street Liman Street (Arkadiane) is the longest avenue in Ephesus that connects Odeon and the ancient port. The two sides of the street, which you will feel as if you are walking in a historical parade, are decorated with magnificent columns. This road, where kings were met and religious ceremonies were held, reveals the glorious life of the period. Church of Our Lady Meryem Church is located to the north of Liman Street. One of the first seven churches of Christianity in the world. It is also the birthplace of the Catholic sect. Mary has a special meaning for Christians because it is considered as iÁin Mother of God anlam in this church. This is a place that calms your soul with fresh scents of mountain thyme.