Gˆbeklitepe, whose first discovery dates back to 1964; 18 km northeast of Sanliurfa, near the village of Orencik. In 1995, the excavations conducted by archaeologist Klaus Schmidt (K˝laus Şimit) found finds that would change the history of humanity. These structures, which date back about 12 thousand years ago, consist of twin (T) planted stones in the center and stones and walls surrounding it. Each planted stone weighs at least 40-50 tons and is 4 to 6 m long. Gˆbeklitepe; stone tools, sculptures and plant remains were found. In 2018, it entered the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Importance of Gˆbeklitepe 1- It is the oldest known temple in the world. The oldest known temple in Gˆbeklitepe is in Malta and is 5000 years old. It is also 7000 from Stonehenge and 7500 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. 2- With the discovery of Gˆbeklitepe, the common view that Man made temples after agriculture and settled life was opened to discussion.