Mount Nemrut

The Kingdom of Commagene Commagene, which means "the Society of Genes" in Greek, is a powerful kingdom in which the faith, culture and traditions of the Greek and Persian civilizations are united in harmony with its name. The ancient Commagene Kingdom, located at the junction of the various roads in the Taurus Mountains, took place in the northern part of Syria, Hatay, Pinarbasi, the Northern Taurus Mountains and the Euphrates River in the east. It is understood from the cave and archaeological finds that the Commagene soils, which are suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry and which have high economic importance, have been used as settlement since the first ages. The small but powerful country of the ancient world, Commagene, was founded as an independent kingdom in 109 BC by Darius, who was called "King of Kings," from his father's side, and by his mother Mithradates Kallinikos, the son of a prince who was related to the ruler of Alexander the Great. Mithradates Kallinikos, who achieved great success in ensuring the unity between the Kommangians with diverse beliefs and cultures, built temples in various parts of his country with the belief that he would strengthen his ties with the gods and thus live his nation in peace.

Climate There are terrestrial climatic features on Nemrut Mountain in the Kahta district. Due to the Atat¸rk Dam Lake in the district, the climate structure has changed considerably and started to be similar to the Mediterranean climate. However, even in the middle of summer, Nemrut Mountain is quite cold at sunrise.