Oludeniz is a small town in Fethiye. Fethiye city center is 13 km, Hisaronu is 4 km and the famous Calis Beach is 18 km away. Oludeniz in Turkey and one of Europe's most popular holiday destination also known as the Blue Lagoon. The unique sea and spectacular views make the area popular and one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Oludeniz is a beach resort on the beach side with lots of hotels and pensions, and great restaurants and bars. Oludeniz is located on the outskirts of Babadag, which is a world-famous and popular flight point by paragliders. It is one of the best paragliding places in the world with its fantastic views and weather conditions. Oludeniz beach consists of 2 parts. While looking towards the sea, the left part has a long sandy beach called Belcekiz. The other part is the lagoon part known as Oludeniz. Oludeniz is protected as a national reserve. Even on windy days and storms, the sea remains calm as a pool. Oludeniz is among the top 5 beaches of the world with its magnificent waters and beach.

Aquarium Bay You can have the opportunity to swim in this clear water where many colorful fish swim under your boat. It is a very convenient bay for scuba diving and snorkeling. The lush nature, turquoise sea and sea creatures are worth a visit during this dark blue tour break. Fethiye is one of the most touristic districts of Mula and is visited by local and foreign tourists during summer season with its natural beauties and the touristic facilities it provides. Especially for the visitors who plan a 7-15 day blue cruise with a rental boat, ÷l¸deniz has always been the top of the list with its world famous regions such as Butterfly Valley and St Nicholas Island. If you plan to rent a boat from Fethiye in summer, you can easily rent a boat through Viravira.