Yacht Tourism

Yacht tourism is the tourism event and its relations aimed at evaluating the sea shore and surrounding facilities by utilizing the tools we call yacht. Yacht tourism is a touristic, commercial activity with relatively relatively large ships, which are offered to a small number of people for travel, leisure, recreation and sport rather than providing regular passenger transportation between ports. The development of the industry The advancement of technology has made transportation easier, and the increase in time and welfare of individuals has made it part of the mass tourism and international tourism movements, which were initially considered as the sports and entertainment means of an elite population.

The main benefits of this development are: to get away from the monotonous and routine life of calm. To benefit from the proximity to the nature provided by the yachting. To provide psychological and physical rest by benefiting from the healthy change provided by the yacht sport. To taste the feeling of freedom on the sea, to satisfy the enthusiasm and excitement of sport. Exchange of contacts and culture in direct contact with people from different cultures in new regions.